10 Tips to Improve Your Employee Onboarding

Tips to Improve Your Employee Onboarding

  • Orly Avital
    Orly Avital

    August 01, 2022

  • Companies are constantly in a battle to win the best talent, so retaining talent is more important than ever. Prospective employees see a few elements as key to whether or not they choose to join an organization. Some of these include instilling company culture from day one, aiming for streamlined productivity, and fast integration into the workplace.

    But attracting and retaining the best talent all comes down to employee onboarding.

    Studies show that employees with a positive onboarding experience feel 18x more likely to be committed to their organization. Commitment relates directly to an employee’s propensity to leave; if they’re engaged, that propensity is relatively low.

    We’ve put together some free ways to onboard employees to make their first impressions of your business excellent.

    Tip #1: Start the conversation before day one

    Once you’ve had a new employee sign their contract and agree to their start date, don’t make the mistake of only thinking of them the day before they begin work at your business. Getting new employees engaged before they even set foot into your office (physical or virtual) says a lot about your company – you’re welcoming, excited, and organized.

    Start engaging by emailing brochures or guides about the company, its mission, vision, and values. Share your organizational goals and any information you have about your company culture. It’s also a good idea to encourage them to share any feedback or ask any questions they may have on the back of the shared business information. This starts the conversation and helps recruits feel included before they even begin work.

    Tip #2: Give them a warm welcome

    First impressions count – and a warm welcome on a recruit’s first day is essential to their happiness at your company. If your new team member doesn’t feel welcome or valued during their onboarding experience, you can be sure that they will likely resign soon and seek out a company with more robust onboarding experiences.

    You can welcome employees with might by:

    -        Getting their desk, computer, passwords, ID badges, etc., ready for them before they walk in.

    -        Give them a tour of the office space and utility areas.

    -        Share an employee welcome package with messages from the team, their manager, and a welcome gift.

    -        Schedule a welcome meeting with their manager in the morning.

    -        Schedule a team lunch and pay for it.

    -        Send a company-wide email to welcome the new employee to the company.

    Tip #3: Introduce the team and onboarding buddy

    Take the time to ensure that your team can introduce themselves to the recruit and connect with them during their first week on the job. Early introductions help strike conversation and allow your new team member to feel comfortable working and socializing with others in the company.

    Another great idea is to match a buddy with the new employee. This way, they have a person they can connect with directly should they have any questions during their onboarding process. This boosts quicker productivity because it allows rapid adaptation to the business’s processes and tools. Often, a buddy will also share valuable tips and tricks while completing daily tasks. This helps the recruit feel more comfortable within their first month at the organization.

    Tip #4: Create a schedule and checklist

    Before anyone joins the team, take some time to create an onboarding schedule for them. Schedules will help display what the new hire can expect to do within the first two weeks of work. Creating a checklist for them can also help them tick off what they’ve completed from their schedule. The employee and their manager should review checklists to help review progress and any challenges the employee may be facing.

    Tip #5: Create one-on-one meetings

    Every new employee should have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their manager or someone in the leadership team. These meetings allow leaders to explain what is expected of the employee and give the recruit a chance to ask questions and give feedback. New employees are sometimes overloaded with information, but these meetings can streamline their onboarding experience and keep them on track during the process.

    Tip #6: Pace the program well

    A range of payroll forms, employee handbooks, and company guides can be overwhelming for new hires. This is why spreading out your onboarding program is essential. You want new hires to understand your business and its culture and processes. But you also want them to feel welcome and not stunned in their first week. Try splitting onboarding tasks into smaller chunks so that the new employees find them relevant and inspirational instead of stressful.

    Tip #7: Ask for frequent feedback

    Employee feedback is one of the most valuable things that an organization can attain. This is no different for new hires. As they progress through your onboarding program, ensure that you add check-in meetings to their schedule. These meetings are where hires get the opportunity to speak about their onboarding experience, any pain points they may have, and any areas they would improve if they could. Their feedback can help you understand how to improve your onboarding, boost productivity, and ensure you’re providing an opportunity for fast integration within the business.

    Tip #8: Familiarize them with tools and processes

    We’re well into the 21st century, which means most organizations have invested in productivity, onboarding, and HR tools. Each of these tools should be shared during onboarding and are generally the elements that every employee works with on a day-to-day basis.

    If you’re lucky, your new hire is already familiar with some of your tools. But sometimes, they aren’t and need training. A good suggestion is to have a team member take them through the tools step by step. Then invite the employee to complete an online training course explaining how to use the tool again. Later, do some practical examples with the new hire and allow them to ask questions. Now, you’ve taken the time to help them feel content with the software they’ll log into daily. That’s one more win.

    Tip #9: Focus on now and the future

    Yes, onboarding is all about the new hires now. But remember those one-on-one meetings? Use those to speak about the now and later. This may sound like too much information for the manager and team members to get through. But the reality is that people want to understand that their companies believe in their career goals, not just job fulfillment goals.

    Career development is something that all top employees want to have as part of their jobs. It’s good to let them know that you’re there to support them in every way possible for this.

    Tip #10: Automate your onboarding process

    Automating employee onboarding tasks are an efficient way to manage the process and track its success. In fact, it is reported that automation of onboarding tasks caused the retention rate of new hires to increase by 16%.

    Now, while this tip may not necessarily be free, it makes the other nine on the list simpler to accomplish.

    Juno Journey: An Engaging Employee Onboarding Platform

    The secret to successful employee onboarding is to have everything integrated and consolidated on one platform while being enthusiastic and transparent with new hires.

    The more you share upfront, the better the first impression of your business will be. Your employees are what make your organization succeed – it’s time to invest in them.

    Juno Journey offers an employee onboarding and development platform designed to empower organizations to onboard, engage, and develop employees in a single environment. No matter where in the world your new hires are onboarding from, our software is here to help plan, track, and report on their progress.

    Schedule a demo with our team to see how we can elevate your onboarding program today.

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