Bring new hires up to speed & increase performance from day one

Automate your internal onboarding processes and prepare your people for success from the start

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Onboard your employees remotely in the best conditions

Acclimate new employees with a welcome video, an introduction of the company mission, culture, and teams. Integrate virtual meetings directly into the onboarding journey to recreate a human dynamic.

onboarding progress - keep stakeholders in the loop


Keep stakeholders in the loop

There are a lot of stakeholders involved in onboarding a new hire. Assign tasks to relevant individuals and provide reports to stakeholders to keep them up to date.

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Kick-off your automated onboarding process in NO time

Discover company-wide or team-specific ready-to-use onboarding process templates used by our customers in various industries. Use them as they are or customize them to create templates and workflows that are tailored to your needs.

custumizable templates - kick off your automated onboarding process in no time
hybrid onboarding - create hybrid onboarding journeys


Create hybrid onboarding journeys

Create company-wide onboarding paths or team-specific learning paths to easily bring new employees up to speed . Integrate objectives, quizzes, e-learning courses, events, and tasks within sequenced programs to ensure that they’re progressing without being overloaded.

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Build personal connections

Human relationships are essential to engage new employees. Involve a mentor, manager, and other collaborators in the onboarding journey to help new hires every step of the way.

emploee engagement - build personal connection
TEAM COLLABORATION - Enhance collaboration between teams


Enhance collaboration between teams

Enable every team member to contribute to onboarding programs. Personalize your onboarding schedule by selecting available time slots for trainings and virtual appointments. Receive invitations automatically in your Outlook and Google Calendar.


Check the progression and make data-driven decisions

Get feedback on the onboarding process of new hires to understand what is working and which steps need improvement. Get insights on the learning progress of new hires to ensure they are building the skills they need to perform effectively in their roles.

onboarding analytics - check the progression and make data driven decisions
apps & integrations - integrate your existing tools


Integrate your existing tools

Connect your HRIS (Workday, SuccessFactors, Bamboo, Namely...) to make sense of your data. Integrate your existing tools like Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Microsoft Teams.

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What can you do with Juno Journey?

Career development
Empower your people to take control of their career path by allowing them to create a personalized growth plan and add skills they want to develop.
Goals & Objectives
Enable your people to focus on Objectives and Key Results, remain organized, and align their goals with the company mission.
Upskilling & Reskilling
Set your people up for success by developing their existing skills and empowering them to learn new ones
1 on 1 Meetings
Lead productive 1 on 1 meetings to ensure that your company is aligned on goals and drive career growth with continuous feedback
Automate your internal onboarding processes and prepare your people for success throughout their journey.
Learning Experience
Give your employees the tools they need to own their learning, develop their skills and achieve their career goals.
Knowledge Sharing
Engage your people with learning communities and enable them to share experience, crowdsource expertise from one another.
Apps & Integrations
Use our native integrations with many tools to make it seamless for your teams to build their journeys.
Learning Management System
Our easy to use authoring tool enables your experts, coaches and anyone else to create and share engaging learning content.