Provide a clear, personalized growth plan to each individual member on your team

At Juno Journey, your team members profiles will be reorganized into a personal growth path according to their skills. In this way, your employees’ goals are clear and accessible. Additionally, you have the ability to review each person’s skill development preferences within their growth path, as well as add tasks and projects to further align their goals with the team’s objectives. 

Greater employees' Personal Growth

is now within reach

Even the best companies have a hard time consistently cultivating employees' growth. Juno Journey will help you stay on top of your employees' professional growth so you can accomplish more together

External Sources

Expose your team members to the best content to support their professional growth

Juno Journey has merged with top content providers worldwide to provide each individual the most relevant content recommendations to support their personal growth plan. Whether it be online courses, articles, or podcasts, Juno Journey will take care that the best content is in place and easily accessible.

Backed by top-notch professional content

Learning comes in different shapes, let’s stop the one size fits all approach.

Internal Sources

Shape and manage all types of internal effort, whether it’s onboarding path or any type of company’s professional content.

Cultive all aspects of your company's content in one-place

Social Learning

Collaborate directly through knowledge sharing for any piece of content you wish to share. Upload links to hot content and Juno Journey will make sure to update your team’s knowledge base. You can easily share knowledge with your teammates through Slack, Jira, WhatsApp, and more!

The Team that Grows Together, Stays Together

Be a place to GROW!

Provide your teams a place to grow, use our insights to help employees to grow more efficiently


Provide your teams a place to grow, use our insights to help employees to grow more efficiently


Apply and advanced scouting tool for internal mobility opportunities, be a place to grow. 


Manage, Analyze and control all your expends on learning in one place.  Whether it’s external content provider, conferences.