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What challenges should really concern you as a leader in your company these days

3 main takeaways from this next read

  • Speed is key for winning.

  • You cannot move fast without paying attention to your team members personal growth, and to new hires onboarding.

  • companies that will focus only on business metrics and will neglect the personal growth of their people are taking a risk.

The challenge

Covid-19 brought a lot of uncertainty to the already uncertain world of tech .

Companies discovered that methods that used to be a slam dunk are not working anymore. at least not as well as they used to, and that there is not a single aspect that does not require some level of rethinking.

While the business element of things is being talked about widely- how sales have been impacted, and how the new state of affairs affects our runway, it seems to me that the challenge of keeping our growth not only in terms of pure capital, but in terms of human capital was left somewhat neglected.

I cannot understand why.

Arguably the number one differentiator between winners and losers in this game we are playing is speed. Companies that move fast (nowadays I think that we can all agree that without breaking things is the better option) often wins. but what enables us to move fast? my claim is that above all - it's not our technical infrastructure, but rather our human infrastructure.

Personal growth as the company engine

By now some of you, if not all of you are wondering what do I want from you and why now.

We all have so many other things on our plate that seem somewhat more urgent. New product lines and pivots are to be made, and the challenge to do it while working remotely is making everything at least two times harder.

But this is my point exactly.

To achieve all of the above you need that two special stars will align themselves. The first, your people need to be skilled enough to meet the challenge. the second, they need to want to do it. if you EVER worked anywhere let alone managed people, you know better than taking any of them for granted.

When we neglect personal growth we are not only risking the professional aspect - is my team ready for the task?

We stand to lose alignment and connection to and with our mission. when things get hard, and they do get hard with or without covid-19, people need to feel connected and need to feel valued.

Make no mistake. professionals often feel valued the most when offered with the chance to be even better, not when they are offered a restaurant voucher.

Investing in your people is investing in your speed

To me it means one thing.

If you are counting on your people to grow, learn and develop without a plan, it will be like expecting your next sprint to run smoothly without planning. it's just not going to happen.

You should be concerned about it, and you should ask yourself how you will do it . today.

This is not an HR problem. It is an execution problem. skilled and motivated people equals speed and speed can often mean winning.

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