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Personalized Learning and Its Necessity in the Workplace

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

It’s Time for Us to Learn Our Way

In our educational system, we are taught that everyone is unique and that we are all special in our own way, yet almost all of society has gone through an outdated, “one size fits all” educational system. Although society recognizes this error, this mentality reaches beyond graduation and is present in the workplace today. Employee training follows the educational system by using one method (LMS) believing it will fit everybodys’ needs. How can organizations move away from this method of training? The answer is “personalization” and the mentality that one size does NOT fit all.

Society must comprehend that the outdated training approach is no longer sufficient and there is a necessity for broader and deeper learning. Employee development programs must emphasize creativity, communication skills and critical thinking. With technology constantly changing, organizations must provide the tools to maximize their organization’s ability to adapt to changes.

How can employees be introduced to new technologies while learning in a personalized way? LXP’s are the new generation of LMSs, giving employees a Netflix-like, personalized learning experience, familiarizing employees with technological advances through AI-driven recommendations on courses, articles and online resources.[2]

Why make this change?

Corporate L&D’s objective is to expose employees to necessary subjects through traditional training methods like mandatory employee training programs. This method is ineffective and leads to employee disengagement, demotivation and the inability to grasp the material.[3] Technological advancements like AI allow for advanced adaptive learning and makes personalization a feasible option for organizations. Personalized learning takes advantage of employees’ past experiences, behavior, and talents to create custom-made skill development processes. This enables employees to deepen their knowledge, acquire new skills, perform efficiently and facilitates talent retention within organizations.

How should you make this change?

Before doing anything else, employers must abandon traditional methods and realize the direct and indirect benefits of training that are tailored to each employee. Learning experience platforms (LXPs) facilitate employee training by using the skills of employees to recommend the effective teaching method, aiding in the development of skills and providing a unique learning experience. As an employer, make sure you are able to provide your employees with these unique learning experiences in order to keep them engaged.

What should be the end result?

LinkedIn’s research has found that the number one reason for employee turnover is the lack of career development opportunities.[4] Making the switch from old-fashioned LMSs to the next-gen LXPs will pave the way towards increasing employee motivation, improving retention rates and incentivizing employees to invest in themselves, therefore investing in the organization.

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