One size does not fit all!

It comes as no surprise that while learning and developing skills, one size does not fit all. Obviously we know that each individual has unique needs and a mandatory “top-down” approach is simply outdated and irrelevant in a google-search world.

If your employees are looking to learn something new or improve their current knowledge, the last place they would look is your organization LMS or a PPT you have made for them a few weeks ago.

Effective learning in organizations requires not only access to personalized content, but also a social sharing and learning option, a career development pathway that escorts the employee along his or her learning process, including tasks, projects and certifications.

So how can you cultivate all those needs, desires, methods, skills and levels, manage hundreds of different types of training while keeping track of your employees' progress, skill development and learning processes? Well… you can’t! You need a solution.

What are the solutions you currently have for L&D?

1. LMS

What you get

  • An LMS is a platform for digital learning. With an LMS, you can create a single source of e-courses and training materials. Mainly used as a source of knowledge in your area and is aimed to increase the in-house expertise of your company.

What you don’t get

  • No access to external content you can find online, integrated with your internal content.

  • No sense of personalization and variety of content

  • Low engagement rate due to a mandatory set of mind.

2. Online courses (MOOC)

What you get

  • An online MOOC provider offers a catalog with a variety of courses, based on skills or professional knowledge units, with different levels and users reviews. All courses are based on a “classroom” style setting, with a video or a PPT, chapters according to topics and the ability to stop and continue learning on demand.

What you don’t get

  • Variety of types of training (Only massive courses)

  • Not fit for all types of people

  • Limitation of topics

  • Organization social sharing

3. LXP

What you get

  • A learning experience platform (LXP) provides a personalized, social, online learning experience for users, typically employees at large enterprises. It consolidates disparate learning resources into a single portal. An LXP helps employees discover learning opportunities, offers ways to enhance them and manages all their learning. LXPs also facilitate and encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What you don’t get

  • Less emphasis on internal content creation.

  • Not the owners of the training- but rather the “marketplace library” of external content.

Why Personalization is the Future of L&D

1. Personalization is the best promoter of skill development-

When we talk about “ personalization” in learning processes, we are talking about the psychological experience we are all going through, as learners. Personalization creates a sense of a customized learning journey that’s relevant to our current position and future challenges in our industry. Our world is a “skill-based” world, in order to truly develop a skill, the experience of learning must be personal, and therefore meaningful to the learner.

2. Personalization makes learning relevant and efficient-

Personalization can ensure learning is relevant by connecting learners’ past activities to their future goals. It takes into consideration your unique skill set and level, while also taking into consideration the level and skill set you’re aiming to achieve. Throw into that mix a connection between learning and career opportunities, and you’ve got yourself an engaging solution!

3. Personalization helps employees prepare for what’s next-

We are living in a fast-paced changing atmosphere of technology and knowledge. Our employees must become 24\7 learners in order to be able to keep up with updates, changes and abilities. We want our employees to improve their skill level and gain new knowledge as they work for us. Not only that, we also want them to be curious and full of joy from learning, so that they can take our organization forward.

In order to stay ahead of the game and become the game-changing organization you aspire to be, we need to prepare for what’s next. Personalization enables you to stay connected to current trends, giving your employees access to new subjects and training. Thinking about learning as a two-sided-street of profit, for your team’s performance and stability as well as for your employees personal growth needs, is a winner in my book. And the way to do that is with a personalized learning experience.

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