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My thoughts from UnleashHR 2019

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

This year, we had the chance to take part of UnleashHR Paris, one of the largest HR tech conventions worldwide. All of the big shots, as well as growing Start-ups, under one roof, for two days of endless talk of Talent retention, Internal mobility, Tech solutions and People management. From Artificial Intelligence to basic HRIS, we heard and saw it all.

Well, not us. We weren’t so much part of the lectures and panels. We were out there, talking with people. The same people who heard all the lectures, saw all the solutions, who live and breathe HR needs. We talked to giant corporations as well as small-medium enterprises. We heard the pains and gaps HRs and L&Ds are experiencing, looking for the perfect, accurate platform to insert to their organization, in order to make real impact on their employees.

These are the major challenges we have met.

Break the familiar frames… Life is of holistic nature!

Many of the people that met Juno Journey in the conference and were introduced to our product philosophy, mentioned that they have seen other solutions that do one part or an other in other systems, but none have connect different aspects of learning and development into one holistic package. I remember thinking about this, seeing a post made by a venture capital fund, mapping the landscape of HRTech in Israel. The map looked like this-

This fund placed Juno Journey in the Organizational Culture tab. While she wasn’t wrong to think so, I felt the mistake was placing Juno Journey in only one of them. Juno Journey is also an "Employee management & training" platform, as well as a “Scouting/ Candidate identification” platform and a “Screening/ Matching” platform.

We don’t believe in these frames, ideologically. Being a real solution for a company means we understand the needs of Employees, Managers, HR’s and C-levels in the organization. It means that we offer a solution that will take all of those stakeholders’ challenges into consideration, and offer a holistic solution, that would not only be relevant for them but will become a necessary tool for growth and development for the entire organization.

Don’t forget, an Organization is nothing more that the people that are part of it. It’s a gear wheel of people, working side by side, affecting each other and the organization’ success. In order to introduce real impact, don’t just look for a “talent development” solution, and another “LMS” and than a new “Internal mobility” platform. Look for a solution that does it all, professionally, and a solution that is constructed in such a way that each part of the system affects the other, reacts to each other and as a result offers you more insights and opportunities.

Managers engagement is a challenge of its own

Juno Journey is an employee centric platform. I often found myself emphasizing this fact, since most platform today are more concerned with reports and technical tasks HR’s face, rather than the full experience employees have, impacting their natural behavior to be engaged. But we have heard quit a lot about a new challenge. How do you engage employees, and Managers, in one platform? Since you rarely find solutions that are truly a tool for managers, rather than an additional task they must endure as part of their endless obligations.

Many of our conversations during this convention touched this topic, that I feel should be further discussed. How do we make employees’ learning and personal development an advantage for managers? How do we get them fully engaged and on-board with making learning a priority for their team?

At Juno Journey, we made that happen by connecting employees’ career development path to the everyday tasks and projects teams and managers are about to face. By backing their ongoing schedule of tasks with automated content recommended for developing the skills needed next, managers can rest assure, knowing whatever skill gaps their team is about to embark on, by the time that project will start, everyone will be aligned.

The real beauty at Juno Journey, is that after setting the future timeline of tasks and skills, managers don’t need to work hard to find the proper training for each employee. Being an employee centric platform, Juno Journey knows each employee’ skills set, levels and favorite learning methods. This allows team members to take manner into their own hands and navigate their learning actions according to the challenges their manager has set on their path.

“Career development” is not a foul word

As we arrived at the convention we were a bit worried about using the adjacent words “career development”. We were worried organizations will see this as a threat on their employees’ retention, thinking they will be developed on their expenses and that find a new place of work.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that this paradigm of thinking has changes. A growing number of organizations are experiencing a shift in their attitude towards Personal Development. Some of them are doing so because they got a low score in the yearly employee feedback in the “personal development” tab. Some of the organizations are worried about high turnover rate and increasing retention. Looking for ways to keep their talents with them for the long run, understanding the new age of employees is looking for change as well as personal growth.

Organizations that are truly looking for reducing turnover rate and increasing satisfaction, should not only dare to introduce “career development” but actively look for solutions that will indeed give that to their employees. The term “Career” has many aspects. It doesn’t have to be a new place or even a new position. Developing your career means your growing. It can be the simple shift from Junior to Senior. It might be a whole new field in the organization employees never even imagined might be suitable for them. As we look at Skills rather that Job titles, we discover a wider range of opportunities we can offer our employees so they may develop their career, with us.

Most of all, think about the advantages you got every day. Most likely, employees are more satisfied, eager to learn and to put those skills to good use. At any given moment your employees get more, they bring more.

That’s a true win-win situation in my book.