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Should Internal Mobility Become Standard in Every Company?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

One of the most difficult tasks HR managers face today is identifying and retaining the best talent their organization has. When you have hundreds of employees, how do you provide them with the best opportunities, and why should this be a priority for you?

Many organizations choose to outsource when looking for new employees because they assume it is the cheapest and easiest option. This could not be further from reality as recruiting new employees takes a lot of time and money, and the most talented individuals could already be working within the company. However, these talented employees will simply find another organization to employ them unless they feel that they are able to develop within their career. Employee turnover is higher than ever before, and recruiters need to engage their current employees by providing them with clear opportunities to develop within the organization.

How can organizations have a mindset that prioritizes its own employees rather than candidates outside the company?

Mobilize according to skills, not job titles

First, recruiters must determine if current employees are fit for the job by looking at employees’ skills and past experiences rather than solely their job title. Once an employee has been working at a company for a while, it becomes harder to keep track of the skills they have and may have learned over their time there. By keeping track of employee skills, a recruiter can easily move current employees around and provide them with new opportunities within the organization. This will bring extreme benefits such as a reduction of recruitment and training expenses, internal organizational culture preservation and optimization of knowledge.

Motivate your employees with a visual growth opportunity view

Employees want both new experiences and stability. As much as they despise the job-hunting process, people will endure it rather than staying at a place that offers no future. Thus, management must present the opportunity to the ones that possess the right talent. Companies need to find an automated, updated and skill-based system to connect skills, knowledge, experience and aspirations with new internal opportunities, as well as making sure employees are aware of the possibilities.

Give your workers engaging work

Employees need to be aware of the organization’s goals while their goals are also kept in mind. Keeping employees engaged will immerse them in their work, and eliminate the feeling of worthlessness while stimulating thoughts of being valuable. Employees will recognize the organization’s efforts to grow each individual and company loyalty will arise. Making skill-based internal mobility part of your organizational culture will decrease employee turnover and allow your talent to grow and blossom with you.

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