5 Awesome Tips to Help You Increase Employee Learning Engagement

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Keeping your employees engaged can be a difficult task. Without the proper knowledge and tools, employees can easily become bored and disengaged in training sessions. As an employer, you are obligated to provide your employees with those necessary tools to keep them interested and well educated. 

These are our top 5 tips to improve learning engagement within your company.

Personalize Learning

Personalizing learning according to your employee’s needs and goals can be extremely beneficial for your company. If you took your employees out to eat, you would not assume that every person would be happy eating the same meal, so why assume that everyone would be happy learning the same way? By presenting information in a “Netflix-like” interface, people can learn through methods that work best for them. By receiving recommendations for information to learn based on their skill-gaps, it can create a lot more interest in a topic, resulting in more engagement. 

Connect Learning to Career Opportunities

Having the opportunity to grow within a company can be a huge motivator to learn more as an employee. “When employees understand how their individual responsibilities contribute to organizational growth, they’re often more focused and motivated to achieve goals that result in success for both the company and themselves”. Employees want to know that the work they are doing is beneficial and valuable to the company. Through learning, employees can gain new skills that will make them more qualified for their current challenges as well as future positions within your organization. Let your employees know that they are valuable and have opportunities to move up in order to keep them engaged and grow their desire to learn new skills, in addition to improving their current ones.

Make Learning Skill-Based

People naturally have skills that they want to improve. As an employer, provide your employees with the path to get to where they not only need to be, but want to be. Instead of learning random information here and there, make learning skill-based so that your employees can focus on furthering specific skills. Using LXPs, employees can keep track of each of their skills and create individual goals for where they want to end up, while you as an employer can see their progressions in real time. Through skill-based learning, employees are able to develop personally, and within the organization according to their needs and objectives.

Create a Culture of Learning

When learning at work, people usually think of training or reading as a way to learn new information. As an employer, promote being social! There is so much that your employees can learn from one another, and giving them a place to share knowledge, as well as making it part of your organizational knowledge base, is essential. Certain LXPs even allow you to organize this shared knowledge in a designated knowledge base so that it can be readily available, and so that your employees can easily return to it when needed. There are also options to recommend content to each other, react to one another’s shared content, and follow certain topics or people. The more you promote your employees sharing their knowledge, the more they can learn from each other, and the more engaged they will ultimately be. 

Make Learning Relevant to Keep them on Track

If people don’t feel that their learning is relevant to them or their work, they will simply be less engaged and will not want to do it. You need a platform that will consistently update the best content according to your employees current aspirations and skills, while minding the organization's objectives and needs. It is also important to use technology that is kept up-to-date with changes happening in your organization’s environment. Information needs to be relevant to today in order for your employees to work to their full potential. Make sure the learning opportunities that your employees are given contain the most current content and training. This will keep them constantly curious and motivated to learn, developing themselves and answering your organization's needs.

If you’re having trouble keeping your employees engaged or finding new opportunities for them, think about incorporating an LXP into your organization. Juno Journey is guaranteed to engage your employees, in addition to providing many additional benefits to help your organization. Book a demo with Juno Journey and find out what we can do for you!

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