How to Train an Employee with No Experience

When we think of employee training, most of our attention goes to onboarding and upskilling. We don’t often consider the challenges of taking on new hires who, although full of potential, have minimal to zero experience. Taking on a no-experience employee isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a pretty costly investment. Does that mean that you should never give people with limited experience a chance? Not at all! There are plenty of ways you can transform an inexperienced staff into valuable contributors. And because they’re working from the ground up, you have the chance to shape each individual into the perfect person for their role.

  • Roni Misano
    Roni Misano

    December 22, 2022

  • 5 Tips for Training Employees With No Experience

    1. Start Off Slow

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no one masters new techniques overnight. It will take time for your new hires to learn the ropes, and develop the right skills for their job. To make their transition easier, start slow, and give them simple tasks they can build from.

    When people first start a new job, they’re nervous, and they want to please everyone. If you put too much on their plate, they’re more likely to make mistakes. And failing early on in their careers will leave them defeated and fearful to try again.

    To set them up for success, start slow, and go at their pace. When they can take what you give them in stride, pick up the speed. But don’t forget to check in along the way!

    2. Use the Buddy System

    A workplace mentor can come in the form of a more experienced coworker from the same department. If the existing employee already knows a lot about certain processes or tools, they can pass on their knowledge to the new hire.

    Involving the entire team in a new hire’s training can create a feeling of camaraderie early on. Rather than feel awkward or embarrassed for not knowing something, the new employee can feel happy that they have a great group of people to learn from.

    3. Orient New Hires to the Company Culture

    Don’t forget that the entire onboarding and training process should be aligned around your values and vision. From day one, your business’s mission statement and its connection to the new hire’s role should be clear.

    A strong company culture creates a sense of inclusivity and purpose. It inspires people to try their best and supports them along their journey.

    4. Make Sure They Have Access to Help Whenever They Need It

    From handouts to personalized courses, there should always be resources available for inexperienced staff. They’ll need reminders on how certain processes work, and who to reach out to at pivotal moments.

    Set them up for success now by providing plenty of cheat sheets they can refer to whenever they need. This strategy offers support while promoting independence; it also prevents other workers from being disrupted. They may love to help, but they have their own tasks to focus on, too.

    5. Set Short-term and Long-term Goals Together

    Sit down with every new employee, and discuss what they need to learn to do their job well. You can create goals that are both short- and long-term to promote a sense of purpose, and establish clear expectations.

    Goal-setting should always feel like a team effort. Instead of saying, “You must do this before this date,” talk about how long the employee thinks it will take to pick up a certain skill. Ask them what would help them throughout the process, and offer whatever help you can.

    Don’t forget that we were all beginners at one point.


    Some new hires come onboard with no experience and take to their jobs right away. Others need extra help and guidance to develop the right skills. It may take them a while to work fully independently, but that’s okay.

    Offer the right tools and systems from day one to support each individual’s growth within your company. By establishing clear goals, you can help them become exactly who they need to be to deliver the greatest value to your business.

    Being able to shape a new hire from zero also gives you a chance to build the perfect team for your organization.

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